Is self-study a part of your life?
Most humans are doing the best that they can with the level of awareness that they have.
A commitment to self-study helps to increase that awareness.  
With increased awareness we can gain deeper understanding of ourselves, our patterns, our fears and insecurities. We can gain a deeper appreciation of our virtues, skills, and talents.
Self-study and increased awareness can also assist us in developing virtues, potentials, and abilities that we never knew were possible for us.
Regularly reading The Ripple and bringing the practices and suggestions into your life is one form of self-study.
Self-study is a process of expanding our exposure to knowledge about our human condition and methods for rising above the limitations of that condition.
However, exposure to knowledge does not always result in change or transformation.
It is imperative that the knowledge be applied in our lives, so we may discover its truth (or lack of truth).
Only through application can new awareness arise and new choice become available.
When you raise your level of self-awareness, social awareness, and spiritual awareness, a new set of choices becomes available to you.
Those choices could include healthier living and physical wellness, relationships with more patience and understanding, new jobs, the capacity to truly forgive others from your heart, or the ability to pursue the experiences in life that you were once too insecure to explore.
Without a self-study practice, most humans live in chronic suppression and/or repression.
Living in suppression means that the individual avoids, distracts from, or otherwise ignores various personal emotions.
Individuals living in suppression develop lifestyles as a buffer to unpleasant emotions. Unfortunately this lifestyle also ends up blocking pleasant emotions and new experiences.
Behaviors used in states of suppression can include anything from watching extended periods of television, scrolling social media several times a day, overworking, or always seeking the next task to complete, drinking alcohol or coffee habitually, smoking cigarettes, regularly falling weak to food cravings, food, sex or substance addictions, using medication to avoid feeling certain stress, the list goes on.
There is nothing wrong with engaging in some of these activities to a healthy degree.
However, when these activities shape our lifestyles, the truth is we are trying to avoid certain emotions, and our avoidance keeps us chained to those emotions (don’t take my word for it though, study-yourself instead).
Without self-study and heightened awareness we will always make the same choices and never know nor reach our higher potentials.
Individuals living in repression also block their emotions and even their memories. However, the avoidance behavior has become so engrained within their psyche that what they are avoiding has been completely obscured by their minds, personalities, and lifestyles.
People who use argument, judgment, violence, and/or addictions are often living in a state of repression.
These behaviors stem from a lack of empathy and compassion and a deeper senses of not feeling safe or accepted by their environments, and a feeling of not being loved.
This is the pain within their original wound, which includes the emotional (energetic/feeling/sensation) experiences the person had in early childhood.
At some level of the psyche, the mind convinces the person that the original wound is too painful to feel, and a personality is formed to mask the memories and feelings associated with the wound.
We cannot have compassion and empathy for others if we have not experienced compassion and empathy for ourselves by allowing our own emotions to be felt.  
The great news is that you can do so much to empower yourself through the process of self-study.
This week, choose to eliminate one habit of suppression. Just one. Spend that time writing in a journal.
See if you can write feelings/emotions based notes to self.
Try writing from the perspective of yourself as a child. Use the words that this child would use. This will deepen the benefits.
This is a huge step in expanding awareness, choice, and empowerment. 

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