The image shows an ice cube tray filled with water.

Have you ever come across a video which portrays a repetitive action yet is absolutely satisfying to watch? If yes, then this is a video you’ll love. If you are yet to experience it, let this be your first. Chances are this video shared on Reddit will leave you thoroughly satisfied and more.

Shared with the caption, “Ice cube tray slow motion ripples,” the video is 45-second-long. The entire video is about how someone nudges the ice tray to create ripples in all the cubes filled with water. It’s probably the synchronized display of the ripples which makes this video such a delight to watch.

Take a look:

Ice cube tray slow motion ripples from r/oddlysatisfying

Since being shared just a little over five hours ago, the video has already gathered over 32,000 upvotes from people. With close to 300 comments, people had a lot to say about the clip and you may relate to some of them too.

Many were reminded of the classic water ripple scene from the film Jurassic Park. In case you’re wondering, take a look at the video to refresh your memory:

Some Redditors were quick to draw similarities between the two videos. Just like this individual who wrote, “I think there’s a T-Rex nearby.” Another person wrote, “Pretty sure there’s a dinosaur behind you.”

Expressing excitement, here’s what other Redditors wrote. “This is the content I want to see,” wrote a Redditor. “Wow, I am surprised at how satisfying that really was,” commented another. “That feels good,” wrote a third. Do you think the same too?

However, not everyone thought that the video is satisfying. Just like this user of Reddit who called it “annoying.”

A few were excited for a whole different reason. They excitedly wrote that they have the same ice cube tray, as shown in the clip.

What do you think of the video?

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