If you’re looking for the perfect environment for Bitcoin trading and blockchain upgrades, Switzerland is the place to be. This was the latest update from the Twitter account for Falcone Private Bank:

For now, Ripple is trading heavily in the red zone. The chart of XRP trading against the BTC crypto points to bearish pressure. The price of XRP has been fluctuating consistently, trading as part of a descending channel.

Support is near the $0.372 mark and also near $0.35. A very minor bump of 0.90% was felt in the course of the last 24-hours. The price of XRP is $0.38554. The trading volume recorded is $1.23 billion. The supply has 42,566,596,173 XRP tokens in play.

The total market cap for Ripple is $16.411 billion as reported on coinmarketcap. On the bright side, reaching $0.41 and $0.425 will be a great feat and might finally usher in an era of bullish momentum. There is also a barrier at the $0.45 area.


It remains to be seen, as XRP hasn’t been a big gainer this year, though many banks have been quick to associate themselves with it.

Just the one mentioned above. It should also be remembered that Satoshi wished for cryptocurrency to be “decentralized”, just like the proponents of Cardano. Yet very few amongst the altcoins actually adhere to the major principles of the blockchain world. They just seem hell-bent in getting their market cap up so they can boast about their “victories” out in the real and the virtual world.

The key resistance for Ripple lies close to $0.548. This will a point which Ripple must cross in order to exhibit a clear bullish pattern. A break-out is something the entire XRP community needs in order to further the use of xRapid and xCurrent as well. New networking solutions are being developed.

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