Edgewood is and was — predating the nearby homes — the only Catholic high school in a many-county area. It is the “local” Catholic high school.

The employees and families of the Edgewood schools spend money at many neighborhood businesses, helping provide residents with more walkable shops to choose from than they’d otherwise have.

One Monroe Street home sports two lawn signs — the first: “No New Stadium.” The second, in three languages: “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” You may as well add, in three languages, “unless you’re a teenager at the local Catholic school.”

Residents, schools and visitors all share this marvelous neighborhood. Those who buy homes here know this beforehand. Lake Wingra belongs to all, as do parks, restaurants and Monroe Street itself. Those who live in this vibrant area — and can afford the taxes — are privileged people living in a wealthy part of a fine city in a wonderful state.

In addition to showing some gratitude for how lucky they are, might supporters of “No New Stadium” also extend some benevolence and egalitarianism toward a bunch of local kids who want to play a few games on their home field?

Kate Ripple, Madison

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