Officer James Rogan

Officer James Rogan was shot and killed on a traffic stop in 1978.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – James Rogan Jr. said he remembers that call 41 years ago. 

“My uncle John said, ‘Your father has been shot.'” “And I said, ‘How is he? Can I talk to him?’ And he said ‘No, he’s dead.'”

On Feb. 22, 1978, Officer James Rogan Sr. went to pull over a Cadillac near Las Vegas Boulevard and Paradise. The car didn’t have license plates. As Officer Rogan made his way up to the car, Charles McClain shot him. McClain then got out of the car and emptied the rest of his clip into Officer Rogan. Rogan was a father of six. 

“He was shot in the chest eight times. It was horrific,” James Jr. said. 

James Jr. said he lived in a different state than his dad because his parents had separated. But James spent every summer with his dad in Vegas. And in 1978, James said he was planning his next trip to see his dad when James Sr. was taken from him.

“All the things we had been planning were dashed that day,” he said. 

That’s what makes his father’s murder even more difficult. James Jr. said he already had limited time with his dad, and then to have that limited time cut short, was horrible. 

“Everything was so hectic and blurry for weeks,” he said. 

For James Jr., growing up without a dad was hard, and he didn’t want any other kid to feel that pain. 

“I have spent my life working with kids that didn’t have fathers actively involved in their life,” he said. 

He has personally fostered 26 kids, and even adopted one of them. James Jr. said that’s the kind of dad Officer James Rogan was. Forty-one years later, he’s still making the world a better place. 

“I think [his death] encouraged us, and inspired us,” he said. “Just to be even more a father or male role model.”

The man who shot officer James Rogan Sr., Charles McClain, was shot and killed by police after an extensive manhunt. 

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