Ripple’s employees consider the company is a great place to work and that they really take pride in it as well as in their work. 

When another renowned name in the crypto business struggle to keep their employees, Ripple is getting compliments and acknowledgements from theirs. 

According to an annual survey conducted by Great Place to Work, 96% of Ripple’s employees said their working environment is superb. The overwhelming percentage is said to have many things to do with the company’s bosses that really implement an open communication with their teams.

The environment is also reported to be very conducive that 91% of them said it is a great place to work.

When it comes to excitement, 98% consider the company has “wonderfully challenging” works, however, 97% of them wouldn’t have a second thought about going the extra mile to get the job done.

Many might wonder what the causes to such great reviews from the employees. Among the many benefits a company can provide their employees with, Ripple stands out when it comes to payout and time off, which are probably the things regarded as the most “important” by almost all workers.

According to a report by Bitcoin Exchange Guide, 95% think of Ripple’s staffs think their salaries are great, whereas 96% claim to be able to get time off whenever they need it.

It turns out that the company behind XRP allows their employees to take unlimited time off for any purposes, be it vacations or sick leave, during which they will still be paid in full.

The flexible work schedule also allows staffs to telecommute, whereas the new-mom employees are entitled for 80-days maternity leave and 60-days paternity leave for the new-dads.

Ripple is also very concerned about the lifestyle of their employees, thus they give access to on or off-site fitness. They also offer a full health coverage to all their employees, including the part-timers, and 65% coverage for their dependents.

Looking at the survey results, it becomes pretty clear why Ripple Labs is included in LinkedIn’s Top Startups 2018, whose metrics include employee growth, jobseeker interest, and how well the startups pulled talent from LinkedIn’s top companies list.

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