The management of crypto funds is not an easy task to perform due to disorderly market trends. A report by Vision Hills Q1 revealed that the performance of active funds has not been satisfactory so far.

The strong wave of 2018 bearish trends caused the shutdown of many crypto funds. PwC and Elwood Asset Management gave their findings of the number of existing active funds and exposed that they are less than described.

The report elaborated that due to surging compliance demands the income of eighty thousand dollars ($80,000) is not enough to meet the needs. The report highlights that with the median management fees of two percent (2%) the operations are not easy to perform.

These funds will facilitate the performance of operations by giving a boom to the income and also to provide advisory facility and help in market making. The need for crypto-lending service is increasing day by day and it will boom this sector and also provides diversity.

As more and more institutions are looking towards crypto for the sake of investment and also increase the flow of funds due to lending startups the demand for funds will definitely surge but still, there is no evidence so far, about the crypto-funds limit. This is indeed a positive step in the advancement of crypto-market but it has few cons.

The report of PWC an Elwood elaborated that the median fee may decline from 2% to 1.75%. This will put pressure on the funds while the case of mutual and index funds are more deteriorating as there will be no fees at all. The dilemma is that so far, there is no proper regulation of crypto-funds.

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