The Winklevoss twins, two brothers who have made fortunes from their Bitcoin investments, remain bullish on the future prospects of the market, while a more mature approach to digital coins like Tether being pegged to fiat currencies is taking shape in what’s known as Stablecoins.

Buying still seems to be occurring too in over the counter markets run by major institutions and exchanges.

Though Gandham sees Bitcoin falling further still, with a levelling of price possible at the $2500 mark, he is keen to see what happens this December as less-experienced investors are shaken out. As time marches on, he says, regulation will become concrete, offering a new wave of enthusiasts a chance to participate within a safe investment environment. 

“The people who bought in September 2017 when we saw the huge rise, I’m sure there is a certain amount of concern among them. But the industry itself is still moving forward towards its goal saying ‘we still believe in this’” he says.  

“The ones who really understand the power of Bitcoin and the power of blockchain realise this is not something that’s going to disappear. I don’t think traditional finance is going to miss the opportunity again.”

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