London – March 11, 2019 – TOR-X, the ecosystem for decentralized, cross-chain exchange, is heralding blockchain 3.0 with greater transaction speeds, iDApp development with bounty schemes and a node and supernode network governed by multi-criteria, decision making neural network. As part of its latest development, TOR-X nodes and supernodes are now available at discounted pre-sale prices.

The hottest trend that is being discussed everywhere, the 3.0 era of blockchain, has been ushered in by TOR-X. This blockchain will go beyond distributed ledgers and recording transactions to allow joint computing, calling smart contracts in multiple chains and allow for tens of thousands of transactions per second.

The private nodes and supernodes (top 4% of tokenized nodes with higher share of commissions) on sale will operate as relays and ledger replication keepers. They will receive a share of iDApp commission fees, including those from the TOR-X DEX exchange. The nodes will have token listing rights on the DEX, and will perform secure OTC cross-chain deals with low commissions. Finally, they will act as escrow for crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto P2P exchanges, and can become supernodes once breaking into the top 4% of holders). The presale price for TOR-X nodes and supernodes is 20 ETH and 100 ETH respectively.

Node sale highlights:

  • Third generation blockchain with over 100,000 TPS
  • Passive income generation from commissions
  • Cross-chain operations with bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and EOS
  • Neural network controls title redistribution
  • Discounted pre-sale prices: 20ETH and 100ETH

The TOR-X blockchain will initially work with bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and EOS blockchains. Business applications will run with anonymous and traceable transactions, and node and supernode title redistribution will be controlled by a multi-criteria, decision making neural network (MCDM).

Today’s centralized exchanges have run into many obstacles and flaws. Traders and investors routinely face blocked transactions with no explanation, daily limits, and a buggy software. Every platform has set up its own rules, and there is a looming fear of losing funds, privacy breaches and hacking, or the site shutting down.

TOR-X will initiate a two-way, global P2P and pEp (person-Escrow-person) exchange gateway for mass adoption. Another momentum will be created by commissions sharing between DApp developers, node owners and the TOR-X team,” said a spokesperson for TOR-X.

The TOR-X Network is designed from scratch to fulfill the requirements of the entire blockchain ecosystem. For developers, there will be a clear and self-describing OOP language and bounties for iDApp projects; for organizations, a single payment gateway for all cryptocurrencies exchangeable via TOR-X DEX, and ability to launch tokens for crowdfunding, loyalty programs and more; and for traders, a secure, low-latency decentralized exchange engine with global liquidity.

Describing the uniqueness of the iDApp platform, which will be supported by the TOR-X developer team, a spokesperson from TOR-X said, “Our vision of the TOR-X DEX iDApp architecture is focused on building machine learning algorithms instead of pre-coded business logic, as this approach is standard in the digital and financial industries nowadays.”

The MCDM is the icing on the cake for TOR-X users, giving them a truly de-centralized and objective experience. Nodes will be given ratings based on factors such as staking duration, node’s performance, user ratings for P2P transactions, and the amount of TOR-X tokens put on stake.

The Tor-X ICO is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2019, followed by launch of the test network, the main net in the second quarater, and DEX iDApp by the third quarter. The TOR-X POS will be launched in the fourth quarter.

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