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Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO is the sponsor and speaker at Unitize 2020.

NEO Smart Economy tweeted:  “During @unitize2020, @dahongfei outlined 5 attributes of the #NextGenInternet and business opportunities arising from it. He emphasized on #Neo’s vision of creating a user-centric and decentralized infrastructure that will address imperfections in today’s internet.”

A lot of hot regulatory topics were addressed in the event.  It is interesting to see that the governmental stance on crypto has changed over time. A lot of other speakers expressed interesting opinions.

Concepts like new ideas in Regulation from the US perspective and Regulation alternatives in other jurisdications were discussed.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Unitize 2020 tabled powerful speakers and it is truly encouraging for the NEO smart economy.  The days of Hype are over and we are facing the reality, which can make real things happen.

The list of speakers in the event include, Hon. Hester Peirce, SEC Commissioner;  Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum; Silvio Micali, Turing-Award Cryptographer & Founder of Algorand; Tim Draper, Founder at DFJ VC; Robert Hertzberg, California Senate Majority Leader; Alessandro Chiesa, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Co-founder of Zcash & StarkWareh.

This could lead to lot of future collaboration between different blockchain networks.  The content at the event are immersive providing for unique social engagement.  Those who are part of the event are definitely enjoying it.  The event is scheduled for until July 10, 2020.

NEO Smart Economy Da Hongfei on USDT

Da Hongfei in the past spoke about USDT.  He expressed that USSDT has provided a glimpse into the future of the financial markets while challenging the hegemony of the current USD-dominant system. He also offered 6 points about USDT’s impact on geopolitics and the future development of sovereign digital currency. It is worth reading the article in which Da Honfei explores the 6 major points about the Tether Impact.

Da Honfei in the past expressed that USDT has surpassed from being a quote currency in to an alternative currency providing for cross border remittance and payment settlements; USDT as a threat to USD hegemony; USDT being audit resistant to be capable of disrupting US control over USD circulation and weakening Fed’s monetary policy influence; and USDT as a threat to centralized banking systems, and more.

The current pandemic has made it possible for industrial pioneers to collaborate more than normal.  The reality of the crypto space is surfacing up. 

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