NEO Price

NEO was valued at $9.37 on December 1, exhibiting a
bullish trend. It dropped to $9.00 on the same day, after which, NEO managed to
bounce up to $9.55 showing a 6% growth. The coin continued to remain bullish at
$9.39 before dropping down again to $8.91 with a decline of 5%. The coin did
rise for a short span before succumbing to the bears. The present situation
indicates the bearish run for a couple of days.

NEO Price Analysis

NEO was priced at $9.16
yesterday and since then, it is showing a negative trend by 5.15%. It may
remain more or less close to the figure of $8.55 for a while. NEO may manage to
pick up the pace by the next week to trade above $9.09.


NEO can trade between $8.64
to $9.00 today. The coin was bullish at the start of the month but since
December 2, it has started to show bearish movement. NEO has been overbought
and oversold multiple times and today, it seems to be going towards the neutral
phase. NEO may be able to aim for $12.01 by end of 2020 if it can initiate and
maintain a consistent uptrend.

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