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There was a recent AMA with the NEO Official Group.  Those who want to know everything about the brand new O3 wallet will be able to know more.

The AMA is set to run on the most active Neo Group on September 08, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. UTC.

Users have lot of questions ranging from what are the important functions of O3 wallet? Why is O3 wallet built for the NEO and Ontology blockchain? What are the key products in the O3 Labs ecosystem? What is the role of O3 wallet you see in the future? We are all developing for a smart economy, but do you see people using it with vending machines – what future you are trying to build, especially for mobile device?

Yet others have questions like Are you focusing development on dApps? If so, could you please list some of the reasons why DApp developers should use O3 labs? Can dapps really compete with existing centralized applications? So far, the application of Dapp has been quite slow. How does O3 Labs plan to use the mainstream?

Hopefully all of similar questions will be answered in the AMA.  Without viable answers from AMA programs, it can get difficult for investors who are early adopters to assess the value of a project in the short term.  Otherwise, they might take longer time to recognize and value the project.  It is important for users to understand what plans are in motion to improve the value of NEO.

Recently NEO Smart Economy Tweeted:  “It’s been a few days…but yes, we’ve unlocked the 100k milestone on Reddit.  All credit goes to the Neo community.  Couldn’t be more proud of the times we all shared together and looking forward to our wonderful journey ahead!”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Recently NEO are doing a lot of AMA, probably they are looking to identify the best user market for their products. May be developing countries.”

NEO Cryptocurrency Flamingo Full-Stack DeFi Protocol

Da Hongfei spoke about Flamingo, which is a full-stack DeFi Protocol.  He stated that the Neo-based DeFi protocol, Flamingo, which is incubated by Neo Global Development (NGD) has already started development and is expected to be officially launched in mid-September. They are focusing on integrating cross-chain asset gateway, AMM-based swap, synthetic stablecoins, and AMM-based Perpetual.

Flamingo is expected to act as a pillar of Neo’s DeFi infrastructure in the Neo ecosystem’s DeFi network.

The NEO protocol is getting ready to receive mass adoption.  The audience are consistently growing. 

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