MyWish Teams Up With OKEx Exchange

Working as a renowned decentralization-supporting firm creating smart contracts for easy deployment and execution, MyWish Platform has announced its strategic partnership with leading cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx. This integration will pave the way for the success of MyWish developers and OKEx users in a big way. The team took to its Twitter handle to circulate the news about the collaboration in the crypto community. The post read:

As part of the partnership, MyWish developers will expand their network operation capacities to a new class of OKB token holders. The token holders will now enjoy a seamless interface facilitating access to smart contracts development tools offered by MyWish. The team has decided to use the OKB token as a potential payment tool on the MyWish Smart Contract Platform.

The OKEx exchange community will render the MyWish platform customers have access to a plethora of operations, including setting up and deploying smart contracts and purchasing additional options from the platform. MyWish is willing to infuse the OKEx blockchain network into its ecosystem to allow the employment of the OKChain through a customized set of smart contract templates and products. Besides the OKChain Mainnet Launch, MyWish is looking forward to list its native MyWish token on OKEx exchange as a symbol of their close relations.

OKChain is an open-source blockchain which offers high-end security and transparency over its network. It uses the DPoS algorithm for consensus derivation, which favors the working of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DeFi). The platform allows developers to create their own decentralized applications and assets on the OKChain blockchain. They get a fair opportunity to create market pairs leading to the creation of an autonomous financial space. The OKChain blockchain is presently in the final testing phase. OKEx’s native token OKB currently uses the ERC20 module and is likely to move to the OKChain blockchain by the fourth quarter of this year.

OKEx is headquartered in Malta and has a trading set of more than 400 pairs of tokens and futures. It uses blockchain to facilitate token, futures, and swap trading along with index-tracking services for customers. On the other hand, MyWish Platform became a popular firm focused on smart contracts creation in a user-friendly manner. Established in 2017, the firm has a strong client base of over 11,000 users and several blockchain network collaborations like NEO, Binance, Waves, Ethereum, and others. In 2018, MyWish launched, a solution offering customized development services and blockchain consultation for users.

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