On his medium blog, Dylan Grabowski, a writer of blockchain projects clearly explains how to be updated with information on developments in the NEO chain.

He says that one must gather information from the developers rather than from the figure head of the network. In the case of NEO, seeking information from Da Hongfei isn’t the right thing to do as he is only heading the NEO network and not exactly building or developing it.

“In a decentralized blockchain space, we shouldn’t be looking for progress reports from a figurehead, but from the community who are diligently building,” said Grabowski.

The reason to why one must follow the developers is because the leaders will allow the actual work to be done “to speak for itself” as they distance themselves from giving regular updates, according to Grabowski.

He also explains the importance of decentralization through a rather straight forward question.

“NEO was initially designed to be expanded upon by community-oriented builders, coders, and developers. While it’s nice to have a leader, it spits in the face of decentralization. What cryptocurrency and blockchain is founded on, yeah?” he asks.

Based on the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, he says that there could be a reason for his disappearance.

He then updates the investors on the sources of development on the NEO blockchain. One can follow the monthly progress report released by NEO Global Development that reports on the core platform improvements and its community growth through social media, interviews of leaders from NEO, and upcoming events.

NEO News Today is another source for updates. This newsletter covers on upgrades to the NEO platform, the work which the group of developers are conducting, and the active projects happening within the ecosystem.

He also answers a frequently asked question from investors if the NEO leadership can have a better presence on Reddit.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean the resources are available to those who fear a lack of progress because an AMA isn’t hosted every other month, or a daily tweet from Hongfei,” he answers.

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