• Digital Money Platform Wirex has announced that it is adding the Waves token to its coin roster
  • Waves’ lightweight architecture and low fees are among the reason for this development

Waves (WAVES) is starting 2019 on a high note as it was announced on January 10, 2019, that it is being added to the Wirex platform.

Wirex is an FCA-licenced digital money platform that is based in the UK and already hosts a number of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

“We see Waves as the bridge that will facilitate the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0. The goal of our team is to put tools in place that will allow both enterprise and individuals to easily implement their own blockchains while improving the UX of DApps and blockchain infrastructure,” says Sahsa Ivanov, the CEO of Waves.


With this new addition, customers of Wirex will be able to buy, store, convert and spend Waves tokens with their Wirex debit cards.

Making Waves

The official announcement also went into detail about why the Waves platform was chosen for Wirex.

The first reason stated was that Waves offers an alternative to open-source platforms as well as its lightweight architecture that allows users to develop decentralized applications.

This, the announcement says, makes it a better choice than Ethereum as it offers higher speeds and lower costs and can help push mainstream crypto adoption.

Waves’ use of bespoke plug-ins was also discussed as this means that users do not have to update their software every time a new app is developed and added to the platform, unlike with the bitcoin blockchain.

The Value of a Wave

Since the start of October 2018, Waves’ value has increased tremendously by an amazing 373 percent and this was one of the leading factors for its adoption on the Wirex platform.

“The introduction of the Waves wallet to Wirex is an exciting development for both crypto-investors and our globetrotting Wirex Visa card users,” says Wirex co-founder Pavel Matveev. “Investors benefit from having a stake in the rising star of the crypto market, which is already ranked in the top 25 on the Coin Market Cap chart.”

The last few weeks have seen Waves make some big announcements. They announced in December 2018 that they would be subsiding transaction fees and also raised $120 million for the launch of its private blockchain in the same month.

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