An interesting new Dapp launched by Kendrick Tan is now live on the Ropsten Network. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum was impressed by it, as quoted below.


The creator went live with this project on 3 July, with his interesting privacy implementation on the Ethereum decentralized platform.  The mainstream implementation of these mixers will be one way to guarantee privacy for permissionless networks.

The DApp is called Heiswap, and is an Ethereum mixer that allows users to ‘wash’ their ETH in a confidential manner. Currently Heiswap can only mask the link between senders and their corresponding recipients, and requires participants to send ETH in fixed denominations.

To “wash” their Ethereum, a user simply deposits a fixed amount of Ethereum into the heiswap smart contract, wait until there are more participants in the pool and then withdraws it from the smart contract.

This is a pet project undertaken, which has been completed in a unique fashion. Updates are promised for now, but with the entire source code uploaded, people can use it to make their own implementation of it. More information can be found on

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