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The one-hour chart of Ethereum reports an uptrend from $136.82 to $143.55, however, the chart also indicates a downfall in the value of the coin from $156.04 to $128.34 after which it registered the aforementioned uptrend. The coin then fell from $143.22 to $239.38. The market has marked a resistance for the coin at $143.22 and has offered strong support at $132.21.

Awesome Oscillator indicates a bullish market gaining momentum.

Chaikin Money Flow marker is barely above zero and might fall under zero soon. However, the money is flowing outside the market and marks a bearish trend.

Relative Strength Index showcases that the buying and selling pressures are evening each other out, as the marker line recovers from an overbought bearish zone.


Source: Trading view

As per the one-hour chart of the coin, a downtrend was observed from $432.36 to $218.66 which further continues till $139.02. A minimal uptrend was observed from $83.74 to $114.53. The coin registered a resistance at $139.02 while reporting support at $114.53.

Bollinger Bands are indicating a bullish run for the coin as the moving average line is under the candlesticks. The bands appear to be at a diverging point, thus increasing the volatility in the market.

Parabolic SAR points towards a bearish market as the markers align themselves above the candles.

MACD line is above the signal line, marking a bullish market, but is moving towards a crossover.


At the time of press, the bull seems to be taking back its territory. The indicators Awesome Oscillator, Chaikin Money Flow, Bollinger Bands, and, MACD line predict a bullish market. However, indicator Parabolic SAR points towards a lurking bear.

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