Ethereum Dominated Dapp Market in 2018 But Now Tron & EOS Crushing it

In the entire blockchain ecosystem, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, and Steem are the most active users in the market. But out of these four, Tron and EOS are fast making development in the Dapp field. However, in the year 2018, Ethereum reamined the king of the Dapps market according to the 2018 Dapp Market Report by

The reason for Ethereum’s dominance in terms of numbers of dapps, wallets, and dapp users has been attributed to its “first-mover advantage.” However, 2019 is going to be a “challenging year” for Ethereum as it has less transaction amount and “transaction speed will greatly affect the user experience.”

Another reason that’s hindering the mass adoption of Ethereum dapps is the fact that it is “only one of four blockchains” that needs gas fee for transaction.

As for the Dapp market in general, in 2018 “The number of blockchain gaming dapps was still leading with a large proportion of 35%, following by pyramid (20%) and betting (around 20%). Overall, the dapp market is still driven by entertainment and gambling.”

Ethereum Dapp Dominance Fading Out Fast

Ethereum might have maintained dominance but EOS, Tron, and even Steem are gaining speed over 3rd largest cryptocurrency’s network.

This fact was acknowledged by Brock Pierce, the Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation recently who stated,

EOS Masternodes and Tron’s Super representatives are playing a key role in expanding their respective dapp ecosystem.

According to the report, Tron is actually, “the most ambition in the dapp field” which is no surprise as Tron founder Justin Sun has not only repeatedly shared bold dapp growth numbers on several occasions but have also delivered on them.

Recently, Justin Sun shared another achievement in this field along while taking a shot at Ethereum:

In its weekly dapp report, he also shared, “TRON has over 150 Dapps and more than 300 smart contracts. According to tron.dapp, there are 7 decentralized exchanges(DEX), 6 collection games and 30 tool Dapps. The Dapp ecosystem is relatively well-rounded, forming an organic growth trend.”

Whereas the number of wallets on EOS mainnet are slow growing while but has been “twice as many TRON mainnet accounts as EOS mainnet accounts over the last year.” Tron further promoted its Dapp ecosystem by launching its $2 billion Project Genesis and spent $100 million on TronArcade.

Now, in 2019 more high-quality game production is expected on Tron. Meanwhile, the early dapp developers of Ethereum such as Ether Goo, among various Farm games are also moving to Tron.

Another contender in the Dapp race is Steem which is also seeing a higher adoption. Its reward incentive and social network attributes are the force behind Steem dapps’ “very solid” user community.

“Steemit was the first significant scalable usable consumer Dapp,” said Pierce.

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