The CEO of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, has just announced the accomplishment of a long age Tron’s milestone.

The CEO, while relating how steady the growth of TRON ecosystem had been in the past days, said Tron has for the first time, since its entrance into the Dapp sector, surpassed EOS.

Justin Sun aired the announcement after relating the successful integration of DLive into BitTorrent client.

Referencing data from Dap Review, Sun said the number of Dapps on TRON ecosystem reached 669 on January 7, 2020.

This made Tron exceed Daniel Larima’s blockchain network, EOS, in the Dapp sector. While the total number of Dapps on the EOS ecosystem is 668, Tron is now ahead of the former by 1 Dapp.

Sun afterward urged more developers and users to join the TRON ecosystem, stating that the “TRON ecosystem is growing at a steady pace.”

Earlier, Justin Sun relayed BitTorrent announcement that the DLive has been integrated into the peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol client.

Thus, users of the Android operating system can now use the largest streaming community on the blockchain.


Tron Announces Launch of Privacy Protocol on Testnet

Yesterday, Tron made a good leapfrog in joining the privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem with the aim of satisfying its teeming users ultimately.

Tron declared that the much-awaited shielded transaction had been integrated on TRON’s Nile Testnet, which after successful testing, will allow users to go completely private while transacting on TRON blockchain network.

Justin Sun said “The function of shielded transaction has been launched on TRON’s Nile Testnet. You are welcomed to test it!”

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