The Canon EOS range includes a huge collection of interchangeable lens cameras, suitable for beginners through to professionals. With that being the case, prices drift from around £530 for a beginner camera to over £5000 for a professional camera. 

We’ve previously seen some of beginner EOS cameras reduced by £50 on Amazon, so we know there are some good deals to be had. Why not check out the best Canon EOS camera Boxing Day and New Year deals below, to see if you can save some money?

Anyone in the market for a new camera knows that they’re in for a good buy with the Canon EOS range. With many boasting awards and 5-star reviews, Canon continues to take the lead when it comes to camera quality and innovation. 

The beginner range is all about producing quality images and video. At the top end, beginners will be able to take superb 24.1-megapixel and DSLR quality photos. They’ll also be able to produce HD videos. Best of all, these cameras can be controlled by an app on their mobile phone. 

The enthusiast range is all about taking your photography skills to the next level. Here you’ll be able to take more frames per second, benefit from higher megapixel sensors, and shoot HD film that’s blur-fee. 

Then there’s the professional range. These cameras are serious money, so they have some serious features for you to play with. They include the ability to shoot up to 14 frames per second, and powerful processors to create the highest resolution images.

The best Canon EOS camera Boxing Day and New Year deals

No matter which level of photography you’re at, you can purchase your new camera for less with these best Canon EOS Camera Boxing Day and New Year deals. 

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