Sense.Chat as stated by the Founder and CEO of SENSE is a the EOS Messenger when defined in a nutshell! It is a fresh new approach to a messaging platform which focuses on safeguarding privacy and at the same time providing users with a chance to share rewards via their interactions with each other.

It aims to be the first provably secure,crypto-enabled messaging platform. It is built on the EOSIO blockchain for encryption, with users having the biggest yet level of control over their privacy. The application also rewards users for the value they bring in to group channels via posting,curating and sharing!

The project began , from the understanding that messaging apps were surpassing the usage of social networks. But unfortunately the privacy elements are just cover level and not deep rooted into their programming. The SENSE team therefore developed the Sense.Chat by leveraging the EOSIO to perform a handshake between users, with a unique encryption method using the user’s public EOS keys. This enables users to chat on text, audio and video without the need for middlemen!

As of now , the Sense.Chat is available as an app on iOS and Android !


(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2019-06-27 06:12:26
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