EOS is ranked at #7 to the south of Tether but ahead of Binance Coin in the market. It was propelled by bulls during the previous week. The price grew at a rate of 0.29% in the course of the past 24-hours. The total market cap of EOS is $3.472 billion as of this moment. The trading volume recorded stands at $1.4 billion for now, whereas the supply has 931,504,787 EOS coins involved in circulation. At present, EOS is priced at $3.73.

You can take a look at this video to know more about Azarus, which is an EOS VC backed venture. This was released roughly 2 weeks ago. Azarus is essentially a game bounty platform, that rewards numerous players with assets which are tangible in nature. Hopefully, this will rope in scores of new players.

According to the candlestick chart linked to the EOS/USD pair on tradingview, bullish momentum is still influencing the pace of this altcoin. Resistance can be felt at $3.944 while support lies near $3.057. The daily RSI has dropped to 58 but is running parallel to the lines meant to represent the oversold and overbought territories.

The MACD line has been gliding over the signal line since 2nd September this year. The Ichimoku Cloud shows no signs of a trend change, and the space between lead 1 and lead 2 is yet to exit the red zone.

Scatter’s Block Producer Candidate just went LIVE. You can know more about this news from this blog post published a day back. Check out their voting portal. The account connected is vote4scatter; their primary goal is to build a strengthened blockchain. A non-custodial web wallet aka Scatter Bridge will be unveiled in a jiffy. RIDL heightens security and level of trust for many blockchain apps. Morpheos lets an individual employ whichever version of eosjs suits the planned action. The BP candidate uses four servers to operate seamlessly [two for production and API support, and two for balancing of loads].

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