• The Nebula Protocol for EOS hopes to offer developers a streamlined and more secure development process
  • The protocol features multi-wallet integration and developer tools. They also have professional developers who are highly experienced in EOS development.

In a span of 6 months since its launch, the EOS mainnet has become one of the most used blockchains. Never the less, despite continuous progress, there are issues that need fixing and improvements to be made. One example is the fact that developers get minimal secure frameworks in EOS mainnet. As a result, they are experiencing hacks of different EOS dapps. Now the Nebula Protocol is trying to change that.

Compared to Ethereum, the EOS.IO philosophy is focusing on user experience rather than improving developer experience. With these problems, many are looking for a protocol that will meet the needs of all – users and developers. They are after a solution that is as user friendly as EOS yet still supports the needs of developers. This is where Nebula Protocol steps in. Similar to what LOOM is doing for Ethereum, Nebula will serve as a 2nd protocol layer on top of EOS. Some of the features it offers include:

Nebula solves developers’ needs of tools that can audit, test, and deploy smart contracts. This protocol uses the EOS’ speed and scalability. These features are combined with Ethereum’s tools that are designed to help developers. As a result, Nebula managed to make a protocol that is secure, affordable, user-friendly, and fully functional.

While there are successful gambling dapps in the industry, many are infested with hacks and exploits due to the vulnerability of smart contracts. For example, EOSBet has lost more than 44,000 in a single hacking incident. These problems can be easily avoided with the use of Nebula. They have a team of professional C++ developers who are highly experienced in EOS development. Nebula’s developers can provide smart contracts that are audited and tested to make sure the end users are safe when using it. As a result, they manage to protect their community from hacks.

  • Integration in different wallets

With Nebula, EOS developers no longer have to code for dapps and interact with different EOS wallets. These steps are inefficient and time consuming, especially for developers who do not have a background in blockchain. Nebula eliminates the need to spend unnecessary hours learning how to integrate dapp with other EOS wallets. Nebula partners with the most popular wallets in the industry, resulting in a more user friendly integration. This helps many developers to focus their time and attention on achieving their dapp goals. Even other users will find this feature helpful as they can access dapp regardless of the wallet they wish to use.

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