Last week, according to data produced by DAppReview, Tron is leading in terms of 24-hour trading volume on its DApps (decentralised applications). It has surpassed Ethereum and EOS, both of whom host DApps on their blockchains.

DAppReview, an organisation which, among other things, provides on-chain data analytics published this data last Friday on their Twitter, and it was quickly reshared by the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun.

According to the data, the 24-hour trading volume on the Tron network was 642.5 TRX, worth $18.6 million USD. It thus overtook Ethereum, which was at 39,900 ETH, worth $9 million USD. EOS came second, with 2.5 million EOS being traded, worth $10.5 million USD.

However, Twitter user CryptoDuck pointed out yesterday that DApp analytics website DAppTotal data shows that Tron has been dominating the other two for over a month now. The user posted this picture from the website as proof:

This information was again retweeted by Justin Sun.

DAppReview was quick to reply on Twitter, though, and clarified the anomaly in both website’s datasets. According to them, DAppTotal has put wrong smart contracts in TronOscar, which is a ‘dead’ decentralised application but trades around 1.6 billion TRX per day. DAppReview, in contrast, tracks changes in smart contracts and filters out any form of data manipulation, reflecting a truer image of the usage of decentralised applications on blockchains.

Users on Twitter, who are generally very critical of Tron, and its CEO, Justin Sun, dismissed the significance of both sets of data, with some arguing that the quality of DApps on the Tron platform are very low. A user, for instance, argued that most of the applications are gambling-related and reflect passive income made through dividends.


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