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Several developers of games and social media dApps are moving their projects from EOS to the WAX blockchain. The World Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain is slowly gaining more traction among decentralized app developers. This week WAX saw the release of wild west economy simulator Prospectors, while social media app Karma announced it would leave EOS behind completely.

By moving to the WAX blockchain developers can benefit from several features not found in for example EOS. Users can create free, basic accounts on the WAX blockchain without having to deal with keys and wallets. All they need is an e-mail and password or a login through popular social media. They will automatically get a WAX Cloud Wallet that has sufficient tokens to play around a bit.

In addition WAX is supposedly cheaper to work with. At the same time there’s another reason to move away from EOS. Because the EOS network has been congested for weeks, leaving several games and apps unusable. Ironically WAX is actually a spin-off from EOS.

A bigger move towards WAX?

Prospectors and Karma aren’t the only decentralized apps building on the WAX blockchain. Two weeks ago the Splinterlands developers announced they would embrace WAX as well. Of course these three projects aren’t representative for the entire EOS ecosystem, but it’s an indication that something is happening.

With the newly released consumer-friendly WAX Cloud Wallet on the market, it’s likely we’ll see more games and social media dApps moving over. Because WAX is based on EOS, and the latter network is still congested, it will be easy for developers to duplicate their dApps.

On top of that games and social media developers will be eager to have an easy boarding process for new users. People new to a game or social media platform should not be bothered with wallets and tokens. First they should be enjoying the game or platform, and when they are ready they can expand their experience. That’s the way of WAX.

Easy user experience is key

Many blockchain projects realize that working on technical improvements is fun, but the user experience also requires work. In order to attract many users, it needs to be easy to interact with blockchain elements. This often means that things like private keys, wallets and transactions need to be simplified or hidden in the background. On top of that it needs to be easier for people to buy tokens, without the need to delve into trading.

With Unstoppable Domains there are .crypto web addresses that can serve as both a payment address and a website. A Spanish developer has created software to create e-mail-inspired addresses for bitcoin transactions, while Arkane Network is offering Wallet-as-a-Service. For example, they allow people to send crypto to an e-mail address. 

These developments are needed to make the blockchain space grow. In an ideal world an user shouldn’t notice that much difference between a normal application and a decentralized applications. The only difference he would notice is completely ownership over digital assets and the fact that the network is censorship resistant.

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