EOS Surpasses A Record 1 Million Accounts While Price Drops Over 8% Just Like XRP, XLM, & BCH

The fifth largest cryptocurrency EOS has achieved a big milestone as it exceeds 1 million accounts. Currently, these accounts, that are constantly on the rise, are at a record of 1,010,729. About 30k of these accounts have been added in the last 36 hours only.

If we take a look at its competitor Tron which is seeing growth at a rapid pace, at the start of April, it had 2.3 million accounts while per its last week report, it has been reported this number has surged to 8.3 million.


In another event, a sovereign nation, the Free Republic Liberland that was founded in April 2015 recently stated that it is looking to build an open source government to maximize the freedom of its citizens.

The country is building a Decentralized Autonomous Government (DAG) that attempts to combine the best elements of democracy, republic, meritocracy, and of course, decentralized autonomous organizations.

Now, for DAG, they have decided to build a new personalized chain on EOS.IO software as the country’s president Vít Jedlička explains,

“We have chosen EOS.IO because it’s a top-rated technology and it provides a lot of the features necessary to run country management on a blockchain. For example, it will allow us to have our national assembly, judiciary and even company registrations in one integrated system that can evolve over time.”

Market Goes Deep Red, EOS Records Highest Losses

As we move towards the end of the month, markets are slowly turning red as a pullback has been expected to be in order. While year till date EOS has surged over 90 percent, at the time of writing, it has been trading at $4.89 with 24-hours loss of 8.38 percent, as per Coinmarketcap.


While the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is down about 2 percent, altcoins are falling harder, this has the BTC dominance rising to 54.5 percent. EOS is the highest loser among the top 10 cryptos followed by XRP, Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Binance Coin (BNB) that are down by more than 7 percent.


In the entire market, WAX is down the most by 16.81 percent losses. Meanwhile, today’s highest gainer and among the few, is Repo which is in the green by over 30 percent and then BAT which is seeing gains of 4.09 percent.

As cryptocurrencies keep on going red, the market cap is losing billions as well. From yesterday’s $185 billion, currently, it has slide down to $177 billion, losing $8 billion in the process.

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