EOS is ranked at #8 on , below Binance Coin . The trading volume recorded is $1.639 billion, while the supply has 926,840,073 EOS tokens in play for now. The total market cap of EOS is $3.711 billion, whereas EOS is priced at $4.00. A plunge rate of 2.70% in a span of the past 24-hours.

More than a month ago, Block unveiled Voice in order to compete against Facebook. So far, it hasn’t become popular. A similar difference was noted when Steemit was released in order to combat against Reddit as a whole network.

The EOSIO Strategic Vision aims to primarily focus on four areas which are crucial to the Foundation of the platform: Scalability, Developers, Users, and Enterprise. EOSIO Enterprise Blockchain users and their varying needs will help EOS grow immensely.

These are the major topics that are the highlight of this pillar:

  • High-performance Consensus Algorithms- scaling is necessary in order for efficiency to be top-notch, speeding up is key for evolution in the future
  • Tools for Regulatory Compliance- across borders, rules and regulations will vary. EOSIO needs too grow as the world transforms and the lawmakers shift
  • Token Creation- deployment of smart contract unnecessary, token can be formed and controlled in an effective manner
  • Enterprise-grade security- executives to bring in multi-signature authentication and hardware keys tied to block producers. key storage and permission systems will henceforth be enhanced.

The developers of EOS have been subject to criticism because of being excruciatingly slow. Their inability to form deadlines and give weekly updates has become increasingly problematic. EOSfinex had kicked off close to the end of the previous month, PredIQt also revealed upcoming testnet MVP Beta. TRON and EOS consistently battle against each other in the field of dApps.

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