Sebastian Valdecantos [assisting EOS Argentina] unveiled the port of Moneda PAR to EOSIO a short while ago. Moneda PAR is a virtual currency that lets consumers purchase and sell goods via mutual loans that have 0% interest linked to them. Thus, one can spend more than he or she has gained, in exchange for contributing to the community by selling goods or services and receive PAR.

Buenos Aires, La Plata, Escobar, Moreno, and Luján has witnessed the implementation of Moneda. Jellycoin will be created on, under the guidance of Proyecto Colmena. This might be broadcasted soon, in Campo Viera, Argentina. Jellycoin has a key goal of giving folks rewards for separating waste [learn more about dry and wet waste and why they shouldn’t be mixed].

EOS is positioned at #8 to the north of Bitcoin SV in the market. The price sunk at a rate of 0.64% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $1.057 billion, whereas the supply has 929,722,186 EOS coins in play. As of this moment, the total market cap of EOS is $2.985 billion. For now, EOS is priced at $3.21.

The RSI is below the crucial level at 30, indicating that EOS is being oversold right now. Support can be found near the $3.059 mark, and barriers may hamper the movement of the altcoin beyond $3.7. This currency is being swayed by sellers, and a trend change seems highly unlikely. Fresh buyers are necessary for EOS to have any form of growth.

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