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Brought to life by Dan Larrimer in 2017, the blockchain technology designed for the development of decentralized applications (dApp), EOS (EOS), has announced the release of EOSIO and EOSIO.CDT upgrade, which are bound to heighten the speed of the blockchain transaction amongst other advancements.

Flagged as Ethereum Killer, the blockchain network which claims to be the new abode of dApps said it is devoted to improving developer’s experience and how businesses are building applications on the EOSIO network.

EOSIO V1.6.0 and EOSIO.CDT V1.5.0 newly unveiled by EOS is tipped of enhancing transaction performance and tooling for smart contract development respectively.


While EOSIO V1.6.0 is a developmental upgrade for the previous EOSIO V1.5.0, it was forged to help the blockchain network keep up with its ongoing ambition to be amongst the fastest protocols in the market.

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The blockchain foundation noted that the release will undoubted heightened the overall transaction speed through improved real-time transaction throughput. However, the efficiency of the peer-to-peer networking layer is another area the network is sure of witnessing improvement.

 “Our own internal benchmark tests show upwards of a 35% increase in likely transaction speed when using token-transfers-per-second as our base case,” EOS stated.


The EOSIO.CDT V1.5.0 was announced alongside EOSIO V1.6.0 for the ongoing developmental upgrade of the blockchain network.

Standing steps above EOSIO V1.3.0, the EOSIO.CDT V1.5.0 is designed to enhance support for Gnu & C++ 11 style and as well develop a more dependent way of declaring smart contract structure and connected data structure when building application.

EOSIO V1.3.0 is embedded with a tool that helps secure a more streamlined and efficient development on the blockchain network when assembling smart contract, but the latest V1.5.0 released is directed at improving the simplicity of creating and testing of EOSIO smart contract development.

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V1.5.0 has a new tool, eosio-init, that helps build a new binary within EOSIO and as well create basic structure for developers so that getting started with smart contract development would be at ease.

The eosio-init had been previously introduced on #317.

To end the story, EOS (EOS) blockchain foundation declared that the latest milestone is just a representation of the EOSIO software testing on a private network as it envisions the implementation more improvements for reduced CPU costs, sustainable transactions per second and lower latency.

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