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  • Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management has entered into a strategic partnership with SimCorp, as the foundation for its EOS Portfolio Management service offering.
  • With EOS Portfolio Management, asset managers will benefit from a fully integrated front to back BPO service offering that meets their needs for operational efficiency in a highly competitive environment, where margins are under un-precedented pressure.

Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management has signed a strategic framework agreement with SimCorp, to provide portfolio management solutions for third party asset managers, using SimCorp’s flagship front-to-back solution; SimCorp Dimension.

An agreement has been signed between the two parties to extend the promotion of EOS Portfolio Management, whereby SimCorp will actively support efforts to reach a wider audience of asset managers, while providing access to the latest SimCorp solutions and technical expertise.

Launched successfully in October 2018, EOS Portfolio Management is a front-to-back solution including data management services, allowing asset managers to maximize their efficiency whilst reducing operational and financial risks.

With EOS Portfolio Management, asset managers benefit from Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management’s front, middle and back office infrastructure and expertise, which has been built with SimCorp Dimension over the past decade. Asset managers using the EOS Portfolio Management service offering will be able to focus on their core business: managing assets, renewing their source of alpha, developing customer experience and driving performance.

By powering EOS Portfolio Management, SimCorp extends its reach towards smaller, medium-sized asset managers, who benefit from feature-rich functionality and timely, complete and accurate data, within one integrated solution. BPO holds many advantages such as streamlining the internal organization with the backing of robust risk management, compliance and performance analysis tools, and excellent reporting capacity.

Alongside EOS Distribution Management, EOS Portfolio Management is part of a comprehensive range of services named Extended Outsourcing Services (EOS), developed by Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management in 2018. It is intended for institutional mandate and fund managers needing to control their costs in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment.

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