• Larimer mentioned that June will be an exciting month for EOS because of some undisclosed news.
  • He criticized Ethereum by saying that “their solutions are overly complicated by poor initial design.”

Dan Larimer, EOS CTO, recently teased the EOS Telegram Group with some upcoming exciting announcement. He just said, “June will be biggest [sic] news since EOSIO announcement.” He refused to divulge any further details. Regardless, expect EOS’s price to move following this announcement. 

While he was silent on the potential announcement, he was not shying away from taking shots at Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin. Responding to a question which stated that Ethereum has way more developers than EOS, Larimer said:

“Quality over quantity. ETH has many devs because their solutions are overly complicated by poor initial design […] No amount of Devs can fix what is wrong with ETH unless they pitchfork to something like EOSIO.”

When someone asked Larimer about Cardano, a group member said, “Ada has no love here. Please don’t get Dan started on this.” To this, Larimer replied with a “duh.” When someone brought up Litecoin, Larimer replied:

“The fact that you consider LTC and EOS in the same category shows that you only care about currency use as a token.”

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