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  • BTC, BNB, EOS, ETH – some of them to surge more than double
  • Mougayar leaves out Ripple, displeasing XRP fans

Earlier today, September 19, the Bitcoin price made investors feel tense when it went down below the $10,000 level.

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Still, many in the market remain optimistic. One of those was a venture investor, entrepreneur and a blockchain writer William Mougayar. He posted a bold price prediction for several both major and minor coins by the end of the year.

Good news for Bitcoin believers – Mougayar is another Bitcoin bull, predicting the ‘digital gold’ will hit $25,000 by the time 2019 ends.

BTC, BNB, EOS, ETH – some of them to surge more than double

Mougayar believes, as many other bulls, that Bitcoin will hit the $25,000 level by the end of the year. He also made predictions on several other top ten coins: EOS, BNB and ETH. If EOS and BNB prices would rise by about double, then Ether, as per him, would surge nearly 5 times from today’s price.

He expects the overall capitalization of the crypto market to hit $750 bln (being $262.7 bln at the moment). However, the investor believes that the Bitcoin market dominance will reduce from the current 67.3 percent to 55 percent.

Mougayar leaves out Ripple, displeasing XRP fans

Curiously, the investor avoided giving any bearish prediction on any coin. He also avoided voicing his opinion regarding the future price of XRP, the third-largest coin on the top-ten list. 

He did so despite the recent big milestones achieved by XRP-holding Ripple, such as partnering with the CoinMe ATM chain and the recent interview of its CEO Brad Garlinghouse on the mainstream CNN channel.

When asked about the reason of this ignoring the asset, Mougayar replied:

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One of the commenting users asked the author of the tweet to clarify which year’s end he meant exactly and what these predictions are based on. The reply was – a hunch and insights.

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