Thursday, September 24, 2020
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KYC/AML – Who is Proactive? Who is Under Fire?

Investors continue to flock towards assets such as cryptocurrencies and digital securities as, not only a new form of currency but a hedge against global economic uncertainty.  As a result, regulatory...
EU to see comprehensive crypto regulation by 2024

EU to see comprehensive crypto regulation by 2024 By Cointelegraph

EU to see comprehensive crypto regulation by 2024 ...
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Ditching Dinars: Will The Balkans Take To Cryptocurrency? – Analysis

The daring few involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain in the Balkans say the benefits could be big, if the regulatory framework is put in place. By Bojan Stojkovski ash may still be king...
49 US States Unveil Unified Regulation for Cryptocurrency Firms

49 US States Unveil Unified Regulation for Cryptocurrency Firms

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors, representing regulators from all U.S. states and territories, has launched a new regulatory framework for payments and cryptocurrency companies.One Set of Rules for All...
SIMETRI gains of 1031%

SEC Shuts Down Unikrn For Its $31M 2017 ICO, Commissioner Hester Peirce Dissents

Key Takeaways The Securities Exchange Commission is effectively shutting down Unikrn for its $31.4 million ICO conducted in 2017. Pro-cryptocurrency Commissioner Hester Peirce objected to the enforcement action, saying that it may set...

Report lists crypto red flags—don’t be old, want privacy

A powerful international financial oversight body has issued a list of red flags for illicit transactions that banks and cryptocurrency exchanges will have to follow.  While some of the crypto red flags are obvious,...

Big European states call for cryptocurrency curbs – Finance

Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands called on the...
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Qoin cryptocurrency targets cautious ‘mum and dad’ investors as sector seeks price stability

It is a form of money that few use and most probably do not even understand, but cryptocurrency has been slowly edging its way into the mainstream.Key points:Emerging Australian cryptocurrency aims...
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How 51% attackers stole millions from Ethereum Classic using rented hash

The culprits behind the recent 51% attacks on Ethereum Classic used rented mining hash power to carry off their heists, exploiting a vulnerability common to cryptocurrencies that rely on “proof of...
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California is Leading the Future of America’s Crypto Economy

Despite growing support, cryptocurrencies have yet to see mainstream implementation in the US economy. Many people and regulatory agencies are unsure of what to do with crypto, stalling its adoption. California...

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