Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties, has entered into a licensing agreement to create blockchain-based UFC collectibles.

Mixed martial arts has boomed in popularity over the last two decades. The biggest promotion of MMA is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which now boasts 314 million fans from all over the world. The UFC has dabbled in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the past when it partnered with Litecoin for UFC 232. Now the company is stepping up its digital game by entering into an agreement with Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties. Dapper Labs will now produce UFC blockchain-based collectibles.

Entering the Octagon

The UFC collectibles will be hosted on Flow, Dapper Lab’s consumer platform. Flow is an open blockchain that allows developers to build new products, such as trading houses or galleries for the various collectibles.

As of yet, there are no details on what the UFC collectibles will be. The announcement only notes that the overall experience will entail “unique or limited edition items available for collectors to buy or win, digital assets trading on an open marketplace, and games that make players real stakeholders in the value they help create.”

It is worthwhile to point out that Dapper Labs will also be creating a UFC blockchain-based game in addition to the collectibles. It is possible that this game could feature the collectibles in conjunction with how the fighters fare within the octagon.

UFC the Latest Addition

The UFC is not the only sports company Dapper Labs is working with. The blockchain developer is also working with the NBA to create Top Shot, where users can collect player highlights that can then be bought, sold, or used in online games. Another NBA connection to the blockchain is the Sacramento Kings, who currently have a rewards program that is powered by blockchain technology.

The worlds of sports and blockchain are increasingly coming together. An Italian soccer team, ACF Florentina, is using blockchain to stop the sale of counterfeit jerseys. Formula 1 is working on F1 Delta Time, a blockchain-based game that features collectible cars, drivers, and components. Major League Baseball also has a blockchain game called MLB Champions.

It will be interesting to see how blockchain collectibles fare in the near future. Most sports collectors prefer something tangible to hold in their hands, but younger generations are far more comfortable dealing in the digital realm. One just has to look at how much money and time are spent on players getting special skins in Fortnite and other online games.

Images courtesy of PickPic, UFC, and YouTube/UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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