AGNES Water is one of two locations in Australia pioneering the discussion around blockchain and real estate.

Blockchain technology aims to benefit property buyers and sellers with property sales records and reduced third-party fees.

The International Foundation for Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise released its first annual global report this year.

It collated information from 55 regional chairs into a global view on the status and latest developments of blockchain in real estate.

The second Australian FIBREE chapter is in Melbourne.

Blockchain is being used in many countries.

Queensland chairman Gordon Christian said there was “massive opportunity” in the real estate industry with the adoption of blockchain technology.

“I think there is a whole new economy here and the Gladstone Region is well positioned – we’re looking for jobs, we’re looking for innovation,” Mr Christian said.

“I have no doubt that in the near future real estate companies in CQ will have the opportunity to utilise blockchain technologies in their businesses.

“There are opportunities here, you just need to dive in.”

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