Money has always been a very important part of games. Gaming meant money at some point every game turned into a hunt for bounty, gold or dollar bills. We have come a long way since.

Coins, tokens, currency, GP, to collect whatever floats your boat, have been a central theme in protagonists in the pixelated worlds of video games goes back to the first Tamagotchi, Space wars and Blockade games made. Taking the blinging gold coins collected in a game can now be reverted to a real bank account, and things have become truer, smaller and faster.

The gaming industry has required tons and tons of limitless imagination in creating universes rich and lush, games addictive and beautiful, communities stronger than anything, revenues big enough to sustain its extravagant race from the start of dev phases to the completed product and all the future versions of the same game.

Arcade games used to be installed so people bought tokens and that monetized the whole thing, gaming verse is going back to the basic with cryptos just like that, only in a much more extravagant, bolder and hotter way.

Currently, a lot of things are happening that were too false to be true, these things have lived up to a test of time and hype. Imagine you collect an item in the game and you do not like it, you can trade it, this is the present state of gaming. Or if you feel it will be of greater use in another game you play, you can take it to that game, without hassle or moving money or through a tedious process, you can even place them in your Enjin Wallet, this is the Present-Future of gaming.

Money has helped spark it. People purchase a game, they buy items within games, they sell their items, they use money to feed themselves in games like SIMS, they build through the money they get as rewards or tokens by playing in games like FarmVille, they get more play time through money in a game like the Candy Crush Saga. Money is everywhere. Units of value that can be utilized in an exchange with elements within that universe, only now the universe contains more galaxies, more parallel universes and enormous potential for infinity.

The Gaming Industry is a very smart and on-its-toes industry. It needs to be hip, appealing, efficient and strongly aggressively innovative. It paved the way for cryptos, and it validates all we need to know before we go all in.

We live in revolutionary times, my friend!

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