One of the projects we are following are BTK and BTCONE

They just announced a new and exciting masternode and proof-of-stake platform called Masternode.Community which they have launched. (CO-Partner

We tested the platform on mobile, and it is fully responsive and has a great UI and this is the easiest way of launching a masternode we have ever soon, with no need of heavy console commands.

Many newcomers are facing many challenges when they are starting a masternode and

maybe even has to do commands on a Linux OS, which many are not familiar with.

We at Crypto Base News salute new and innovative development.

We await great things and development of this platform and are looking forward to see how they build this and how this step will support the development of masternodes in the space but also projects like Bitcoin ONE and Bitcoin Turbo Koin.

They have a smart pool which is a mix of Proof of Stake and Masternode rewards.

So in that way all users are secured a high ROI, which is really innovative.


Smart POOL Overview


Dedicated Masternode



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