We will each week look at a new masternode that we find interesting.


Flits – FLS

The project is first-mover in the essence that they have developed an APP, for both iOS and Android, where people can easily deploy masternodes and also stake their coins.

The platform is very unique and very easy to use.

They currently have 37 coins implemented, but are looking to scale and implement more in the future.

People can use the Flits coin as payment and it will then be cheaper to use their app and service.

This again is a positive momentum and ecosystem, this will help secure a good price of the coin.

Flits are currently new in the market and only trading on Crex24.

This could be a rising star in 2019

They have a small supply of only 178.141 FLS, Mastnodes Collateral is 1000 FLS.

Very active community on Discord.





  • We do not know how these coins will perform, so please invest on your own risk.



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