We will each week look at a new masternode that we find interesting.


Bitcoin Turbo Koin – BTK

Project has been stable since it was a token and started out in 2017.

Now they have rebranded and made blockchain based on Bitcoin and Dash network.

They have Proof of Stake and Masternodes to secure the network and fast transaction.

The project has an active github and has been making all from blockchain, desktop wallets and mobile apps.

They are trading on medium exchanges and have a very active community.

This could be a rising star in 2019

They have exchange on the roadmap and also Crypto Credit Card implementation and more.

They have a large supply, but they have a good community-size and if they do all the steps stated on the roadmap, it can be a very bullish project.



  • We do not know how these coins will perform, so please invest on your own risk.






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