• The L.A. Times is the latest verified publisher on Brave
  • The Brave platform now has more than 80,000 verified publishers
  • Brave is steadily gaining traction in the cryptospace

The L.A. Times, a leading news platform that publishes breaking news about politics, entertainment and others for its 30 million readers, has successfully joined the growing list of verified publishers on Brave, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) based project that developed the privacy-centric Brave web browser, according to an announcement on April 11, 2019.

The L.A. Times Joins the Brave Bandwagon

Per a tweet by the Brave team, the Los Angeles Times has joined it platform as a verified publisher, putting the latter alongside other highly reputed platforms like the Guardian, the Washington post and thousands verified publishers on the Brave browser platform.

Launched in January 2016 by Brave Software CEO,  Brendan Eich and chief technical officer (CTO), Brian Brondy, Brave browser is powered by the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and its designed to give power back to we surfers by allowing both content creators and viewers to reap decent rewards.

The Brave ecosystem also makes it possible for users to tip their favorite content creators with BAT tokens and with the latest addition of the L.A. times to its ever-growing list of verified publishers, users will soon be able to start tipping the publisher when they love the content published.

80K Publishers and Counting

According to data available on BATGrowth, a site dedicated to monitoring Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT) adoption, as at April 12, 2019, there are exactly 83596 verified publishers on Brave Browser, a significant milestone that goes a long way to show that people are increasingly joining the Brave ecosystem.  

It’s worth noting that the Brave have been putting in significant efforts into the project to make it best among its peers.

In January 2019, Brave partnered with Cheddar news website to enable users of Brave browser to get access to premium content on Cheddar free of charge.

As reported by Blockchain Reporter earlier in March 2019, Brave Browser surpassed both the Opera and Puffin web browsers in terms of Android market share.

At press time the price of BAT is gaining by 4.22%, with a price of $0.27 and a market cap of $345.27 million, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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