Dogecoin Gold Classic (DGC), is a decentralized utility token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20, and used within the Dogecoin Foundation ecosystem. DGC allows for instant transfers, while providing specific value and discounts to DGC users and presents an alternative to central bank controlled fiat money.
Dogecoin Gold Classic aims to provide an accessible and trustworthy digital currency that can be used by present and future shopping platforms and privacy to high-speed transactions. This makes it possible for people around the world to shop online with DGC.
Dogecoin Gold Classic will enable merchant acceptance of cryptocurrency and this will greatly accelerate its adoption into this existing global system of commerce. It will power future Dogecoin Foundation services and products, offer an efficient means of transferring money, faster transaction times and quicker payment settlements.
Below properties summarises the DGC coin:
Name: Dogecoin Gold Classic
Ticker: DGC
Decimal: 18
Type: ERC-20
Total supply: 222222222 tokens
Contract address: 0x2fb3d7f7dd7027f7e7ef32fe09e4c94ca3cc6e9c
Dogecoin Gold Classic is what we put all our time and energy into.
We are ready to give everything to make your dream come true. Especially when it can change the world!
We believe that we are able not only fulfill the tasks set out in the roadmap, but also make our project the best of those existing in the cryptocurrency market now.
We are convinced that our concept of the payment system of the future, integrating a utility token, a web multi-currency wallet and chat messenger shopping app is the only alternative for the development of global financial spheres.
The products being developed combine seemingly incompatible: absolute reliability with equally absolute anonymity of users and ease of payments!
This is the twenty-first century outside, and such decisions will become commonplace very soon.
But we will be pioneers on this exciting journey! And you, our dear investors, can not only make money, but also become part of the story that is happening right now!
So, there you have it! Grab a couple of those sweet Dogecoin Gold Classic utility tokens, pick and drop those items in your cart and begin the first ever stress-free payment you ever made!
Road Map and Token Value Growth
(1)Listing in major exchanges from April to September 2020. This makes it possible for everyone to get DGC in exchanges that are allowed in their country.
(2)Creation of an android wallet for holders to store their token.
(3)Creation of a chat messenger, shopping app to be released in Q1 of 2021.
(4)Partnership with E-commerce platforms in Q2 of 2021.


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