When we look at the DASH performance over the course of the last three months we see a serious uptick during the market consolidation in May, which is quite normal.

However, what we need to look at is DASH’s performance before the major market uptick, which is much more promising than most other altcoins besides maybe Litecoin and Ethereum.

This is due to DASH’s usage in high inflation countries such as Venezuela. Due to DASH pretty much turning into an alternate currency in Venezuela it is able to enjoy much higher trading volumes and therefore a steady growth over the course of the last six months.

DASH price chart

DASH chart by Trading View

Despite the fact that Dash is slowly turning into its own cryptocurrency, without having to rely on major market movers, it’s still apparent that it will be affected by the BTC dominance on the horizon.

The Bitcoin correction has already happened as the coin dipped below $10,000 today, and is starting to gear up for another consolidation in the next few weeks.

It’s expected for the coin to reach $18,000 this year and then slowly descend as it opens up the altcoin season.

During that Altcoin season, DASH has the potential of riding the hype and breaking the crucial resistance level of $200, which it almost reached during the last market uptick.


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