As we move into the final month of Q2, many crypto roadmaps have major events on the horizon. Some have been scheduled for some time; others are a result of previously missed targets which have been rearranged on the fly.

With one month to go, here are 5 altcoins which major landmarks ahead of them, either by June 30th or earlier.

Matic Network (MATIC) – Proof-of-Stake Validator and Plasma

Matic Network already pumped to the tune of 1,239% in May, before undergoing a major correction to the tune of 55%. The reason for Matic’s inclusion has nothing to do with the quality of the project, but rather, is an anticipation of Binance continuing to pump its favoured launchpad tokens.

Matic launched in early 2019, and its progress thus far will give its proponents plenty to shout about. Ethereum has been working on implementing Proof-of-Stake and Plasma for some time now. Expect to see Matic pumped on those terms over the next month.

This landmark will see ETH transacted on the Plasma alpha net, while cross-asset swaps will be launched on testnet. If successful, this would allow Ethereum standard tokens ERC-721 and ERC-20 to be swapped with each other.

Date: June 30th

PundiX (NPXS) – Launch of XPhone

The PundiX XPhone was supposed to have been released by April of this year. The team blamed the delays on the conditions of the bear market, and suffered the embarrassment of only shipping 5,500 crypto point-of-sale processors out of their target of 50,000.

Despite this, PundiX maintain a target of 100,000 devices sold by 2021 – more can be read here in this recap of a Reddit AMA with founder Zac Cheah. Now, the release of the crypto-focused smartphone has been pushed back to June 30th, or possibly earlier.

Date: June 30th

CyberMiles (CMT) – Business Partnerships Integration

CyberMiles is preparing to onboard 50 business partners for ‘e-commerce applications’. According to a recent blog post, CyberMiles is looking to create a decentralized, autonomous alternative to online marketplaces like Open Bazaar and Silk Road. The marketplace is already up and running, and June 30th will see more businesses set up shop.

CMT just lost 17% of its value in a flash during the market dip at the end of May.

Date: June 30th

IOST (IOST) – Security Audit

The IOST blockchain will undergo a security audit before Q2 ends, as per the project’s roadmap. CoinMarketCap reports this as an outside chance, with just 84% of readers expecting it to go ahead on the scheduled date.

IOST stands for Internet of Services Token, and has been figured as a possible competitor for IOTA’ turf in the past. IOST trades on Binance, and is currently a top 50 cryptocurrency. Depending in the final result of the security audit, IOST might be on the move once more.

Date: June 30th (or earlier)

WAX (WAX) – Mainnet Launch

WAX’s mainnet launch was delayed until Q2 2019 as the team decided to spend more time perfecting the WAX governance model. Now there’s little over a month for WAX to finally make the move to its own blockchain.

WAX launched right in the middle of the late 2017 December pump, and opened at a token price of close to $5. After opening on such a high, the value of WAX had nowhere to go but down. By December 2018, it had sunk by 99.2%, down to a price of $0.03.

Since December, however, the ascent has been rekindled. WAX has more than doubled since the crypto winter.

Date: June 30th

(Bonus Longshot)

Cardano (ADA) – Shelley Testnet

Cardano is more of an outside chance at this point. The Shelley testnet was supposed to be here over a month ago, but was postponed once again. Now, a June 15th target has been set, and that leaves just over two weeks for ADA to move in anticipation.

Given that ADA almost doubled in May, when it benefited hugely from the altcoin rally, this one may already be gone. A roadmap update is expected on June 4th which may shed some light on matters.

Date: June 15th

Disclaimer: The author owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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