One of the biggest challenges that crypto investors have is in choosing altcoins that have a good chance of growth going forward. That’s because there are thousands of them in the market today, and all of them have amazing sale propositions. However, in reality, not all of them have what it takes to make it big, and many will likely fizzle out over time. For those that make it, they are likely to make it big and their results will be transformational for society. One altcoin that stands to make it big is Digibyte (DGB). Looking at Digibyte (DGB) from the key angles of adoption, technical capabilities, and awareness, it has what it takes to emerge a winner.


Not many altcoins have the adoption levels that Digibyte has achieved so far. It is also noteworthy that this adoption is in high growth markets. Take DigiID for instance. DigiID is a tool that could significantly enhance internet security and transform industries as significant as banking. The traditional email and password login has been a major source of vulnerability for internet users. DigiID has taken care of this by enabling people to login into websites using their Digibyte wallets.

This eliminates these vulnerabilities because it is almost impossible to successful attack the Digibyte blockchain. AntumID opened the way for DigiID and other companies are likely to follow suit over time. Other Digibyte based applications such as Vesti will also be transformative. Vesti, once released, will open up the real estate market in terms of information flow and transparency. Landlords will be in a position to attract higher quality tenants based on past tenant tendencies. Many other applications are coming up on the Digibyte blockchain, and its adoption will grow.

Technical capabilities

terms of technical capabilities, Digibyte is among the best in crypto space. For
instance, it is one of the few blockchains, outside of Bitcoin (BTC) that can’t
be successfully attacked. Digibyte is also one of the most scalable blockchains
in the market, and will continue to gain a higher TPS thanks to Digispeed. This
makes it a very practical blockchain, and one that could gain significant adoption
as blockchain goes mainstream. With these and many other technical
capabilities, Digibyte (DGB) stands in a unique position for growth as crypto
space expands. This makes it a safe bet, compared to a huge chunk of the altcoins


is no denying that institutional money will play a major role in the next wave
of crypto growth. As such, there is a real risk that cryptos that don’t attract
institutional money could disappear over time. Digibyte isn’t one of them. It
is one of the less than 60
cryptos that the ICE is looking to list on Bakkt
. Considering that this is
one of the biggest players in Wall Street, Digibyte are all the other cryptos
listed could see a massive increase in volumes once it’s on. This makes
Digibyte (DGB) a crypto worth holding. Its future is bright.

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