Bulls seem to be taking control of the market after more than a year. Bitcoin (BTC) is now above $4100, and buying volumes are on the rise. If this momentum sustains, Bitcoin (BTC) could easily push back above $6000 in the next few weeks.

This would drive more positive sentiment into the market, and create the momentum to push it even further up, and possibly lead to a fully-fledged bull market, one that could see Bitcoin repeat its 2017 feat either in 2019 or 2020. In such a case, anyone who holds several Bitcoins is likely to benefit big time. Their gains would even be higher if a bitcoin trade is leveraged on exchanges that allow for it.

However, while Bitcoin (BTC)
made people wealthy in 2017, it would not be the best bet for someone who doesn’t
have several Bitcoins at this point. That’s because, while its gains would be
significant, numbers do matter too. Someone who owns a bitcoin or less may not
have any life-changing gains at this point. Even if Bitcoin were to push to $20k,
someone with a single Bitcoin or less would be in profit, but they would still
need to work.  The real beneficiaries
would be people with several bitcoins (BTC) so that the cumulative profit would
be enough to retire.

For someone with a small investment
in crypto, the best bet would be in low-cost, high potential altcoins. That’s because,
in a bull market, altcoins will most likely outperform Bitcoin by a huge
margin. They are already showing this possibility. At the moment, Bitcoin is averaging
3% gains, while most altcoins are doing an average of 10%. Some are even giving
gains in the 20 – 30% range. This means that a well-placed investment of anything
above $3000 in a good altcoin can give you a tidy profit, probably enough to

One such altcoin is Cardano
(ADA). At the moment, Cardano is trading at slightly under $0.05 down from a
high of close to $1.5. This means that a hypothetical investment of $3000 in
Cardano at this point would give you roughly 60,000 ADA. This means that, if
Cardano (ADA) were to rise to its 2017 high of $1.5, it would give a profit of
$90k. That’s a good enough profit to change lives in most countries. In the event
that the next Bull Run blows past all-time highs and Bitcoin hits a level like
$50k, Cardano could easily rise to over $5. At such a price level, 60,000
Cardano would easily give a profit of $300k. That’s enough money to change
lives in the developed world.

But why Cardano (ADA)? Well, not only is Cardano (ADA) cheap, it also has very strong fundamentals. It is one of the projects that has a real solution to most of the problems facing blockchain technology. Cardano (ADA) is scalable, secure, and handles the problem of energy efficiency that POW chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) face. It’s a project that can change lives for small investors.

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